Comments of our customers


Comments of our customers

Below is information from published material on one of the oldest of our facilities: sewage Alfa at the field "Moon":
Report to the conference «on ecology environment in the mining industry Magadan region» CJSC «Silver Magadan» and CJSC «Silver Territory» IP Kochina - Environmental CJSC «Silver Magadan», CJSC «Silver Territory»
1. Implementation of Environmental Protection CJSC «Silver Magadan» and CJSC «Silver Territory» "Water production facilities deposit« Lunar »carried out by the selection of groundwater from wells near the bed ruch. Mond 8 km below the Industrial. Water on the factory site vodovozkami.Obschy transported volume of water for the year was 42.6 thousand m3/god, including on domestic and drinking needs - 36,4 thousand m3/god on production needs - 6,3 thousand m3/god, The number of reverse water - 354.7 thousand m3/god, 1143 m3/sut. In the operation of enterprises are the following types of wastewater: - career and podotvalnye; - domestic - production. Haul and podotvalnye water, the maximum rate of which 1261 m3/sut. undergo purification in septic tanks and dumped into ruch. Luna. They have the following composition: - suspended solids - 7.5 mg / l - oil - 0.05 mg / l. domestic waste water, which flow 36,4 thousand m3/god come to face a set of «Alpha-7» a capacity 30 m3. Obezzarazhennye and Treated waste water is discharged into hvostohranilische. Industrial waste water generated in the processing of ore at ZIF, used in the water. Water is composed of pulp dumped in the tail storages, clarified back water from the tailings pond returned to the manufacturing process.
Of the tailings pond water filtration occurs, which is using the drainage is collected in sump station and return pipeline fed back into the tailings pond. "

Metallurgy Chebarkulya continue implementing environmental programs [22.08.2008]
In the JSC «Ural Smithy» (Chebarkulsky Metallurgical Plant, the city of Chebarkul Chelyabinsk region) which is part of the company «Mechel», earlier completed the first stage of the technical phase of reclamation polygon industrial waste.
As reported by the agency «Ural-press-inform» press secretary OAO «Ural Smithy» Oksana Agapov, 2008 was planned, one of the most labor-step elimination of Solid Waste Disposal Sites: overall planning area of more than three hectares. To date, work completed ahead of schedule in the month. Warehouse industrial waste was put into operation in 1941. For more than 60 years of the site, in conjunction with the active development and the city Chebarkul, was in his line. Therefore, OJSC «Ural Smithy», it was decided to carry out reclamation. After the special studies drafted, which has successfully passed the environmental assessment and began work on the elimination of firing, followed by land reclamation. The project worth 13.2 million rubles for two years. Plans that are already in 2009 on the site will be leveled zavezena clay and a so-called «earthen castle». Since then the territory of the former test site will have zavezena fertile land, which is expected to sow grass.
Reclamation store industrial waste is carried out under the Environmental Program of «Ural Smithy» Ltd, for the period until 2012. The company acquired two plants for water treatment, including the Chelyabinsk region in the first set of «Alpha» for the treatment of industrial water from the iron and sulfates, as well as installation of water treatment revolving cycle of petroleum products.

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Принимаем давальческое сырье на процессинг редких металлов

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